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Rugby World Cup 2015 Essay Example for College Students - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 8 Words: 2454 Downloads: 5 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Economics Essay Type Analytical essay Did you like this example? Introduction Despite widespread publication of a positive economic impact resulting from the Rugby World Cup in 2015, issues such as overspending, forecasting accuracy, and the focus of the reporting itself, suggests there are also factors which may materially reduce the overall impact. Because of this, it is possible the widely publicised outlook for this event is overly optimistic. This report will critically analyse the direct, indirect and induced economic impact of the Rugby World Cup 2015 for England. Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Rugby World Cup 2015 Essay Example for College Students" essay for you Create order Beginning with a summary of the economic impact, issues will then be examined with reference to the stated impacts, relevant literature, and comparable events around the world such as previous Rugby World Cups. The analysis concludes that the economic impact of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, while sizeable, may not be as significant as predicted. Summary of Economic Impacts A report by Ernst Young forecasts a number of economic benefits to the 2015 Rugby World Cup, including over $2 million in economic output, and a direct boost to GDP of $463 million (Arnold and Grice, 2015; summarised in Table 1). Media promoting these benefits is widespread, with the Ernst Young report often cited to describe and support the positive impacts of the 2015 Rugby World Cup. The many media examples include Bergson (2015), Menary (2015), and Wilson (2015). Due to the credibility of the financial services firm Ernst Young (Aubin, 2012), as well as the wide-spread publication of these results, the economic impact by Arnold and Grice (2015) will be used as the basis for this analysis, as summarised in Table 1. Contribution Type Impact Category Impact Source Amount (millions) Output Direct Visitor Spend Ticket revenue (international) Infrastructure investment Fanzone spend Stadia spend $869 $68 $85 $5 $13 Indirect and induced $1,165 GDP Direct Visitor spend Ticket revenue (international) Infrastructure contribution Fanzone spend Stadia contribution $391 $29 $35 $2 $6 Indirect and induced $518 Table 1. Summarised from Arnold and Grice (2015, pp18-20) For the purpose of this analysis, direct impact is considered to be initial spending stimulus arising from the event, including infrastructure expenditure and ticket revenue. Indirect economic impacts result from transactions that occur as a result of the initial spending, such as additional tourism expenditure in other areas. Induced impacts are the result of increased consumer spending due to higher income, such as greater support for sports and health overall. These definitions are outlined by Saayman and Saayman (2012, p223) and are consistent with the examples provided in the report by Arnold and Grice (2015). Support and improvements for the Forecasted Economic Impact Financial Stimulus The publicity of a major sporting event is said to improve the local brand overall, resulting in additional foreign investment, including business and tourism. While arguably temporary, this publicity can stimulate activity during a time of economic slowdown, which in turn creates indirect economic impacts such as increased demand for manufacturing, and induced effects such as higher overall employment, in particular in the hospitality industry (Arnold and Grice, 2015; Statistics New Zealand, 2012). While purely financial transactions are not included as part of GDP increases (McConnell et. al, 2010), some GDP growth may occur on the back of a strong financial market, driven by the Rugby World Cup. Increased publicity for the host country, coupled with high consumer excitement and mass sponsorship exposure may explain why share prices tend to improve during mass sporting events. For example, during the 2013 Wimbledon, the 10 largest listed companies in Scotland experienced a 7.5% increase in share price, while the FTSE100 increased by 5.1% (Thanapathy, 2015). In addition, the first trading week following the announcement of a significant sponsorship agreement saw sponsoring companies in the U.S.A. experience significant share price gains (Harrow and Swatek, 2011). While not mentioned in the report by Arnold and Grice (2015), an induced economic impact to the Rugby World Cup may be increasing investment in additional goods and services, as business confidence increases due to the strong financial market. The Multiplier Effect and Social Good An additional contributor to GDP and output is the result of the multiplier effect, that is, the increase in investment bringing about a disproportionate increase in GDP via spending and re-spending (Saayman and Saayman, 2012; McConnell et. al, 2010). The multiplier effect during an event such as the Rugby World Cup is likely to be significant, not only through increased consumer and business spending, but in areas such as an increased interest in sports, which in turn encourages a higher focus on public health overall. The social benefits of large sporting events are evident in the Comrades Marathon, where induced economic impacts included the benefits of increased income and spending reaching the poor. Saayman and Saayman (2012) note that their findings regarding the social benefits of the Comrades Marathon are consistent with broader literature, which also finds the economic impact of large scale sporting events reaches both rich and poor. Thus the direct impact of increased output and income generated by the Rugby World Cup is likely to increase GDP more than the initial investment, creating indirect and induced impacts via the multiplier effect. Including both Domestic and International spend When measuring economic impact, Arnold and Grice (2015) exclude domestic spend on sporting events because, it is argued, this money would remain in the economy regardless, being spent elsewhere if not on the Rugby World Cup. However, domestic spend may also be relevant as this recreational income could easily be spent in a different economy, were it not for this event (Saayman and Saayman, 2012). Given the proximity of England to European destinations, and the cultural relevance of Soccer in England and Europe (Gibbons, 2014), it is likely that English income would be spent in other countries if the Rugby World Cup was held elsewhere à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" either to another destination for a holiday, or to the country hosting the World Cup. During the 2011 Rugby World Cup in New Zealand, the second most popular tourist origin was direct from the U.K.; a significant number of additional sports tourists from the U.K. arrived via Australia (Statistics New Zealand, 2011). Thus both dome stic and international expenditure on the Rugby World Cup 2015 is significant. Amending visitor and ticket revenue, and revenue derived from food and beverages, to include domestic consumers may be more accurate than focusing solely on additional international income. New Zealand, for example, note an increase in domestic household spending during the Rugby World Cup 2011, driven primarily by food and beverage, in addition to international spend (Statistics New Zealand, 2011). Similar to the Canadian analysis of Sports Tourism, domestic income may be included on a separate line for clarity and completeness (The Outspan Group Inc, 2009). While this may serve to increase forecasted output by increasing overall predicted spend, as discussed under Forecasting Ticket Sales, it is also possible that international spend reduces the economic impact of domestic expenditure in some areas, as the two may net each other out. Limitations and Challenges to the Forecasted Economic Impact The tendency to over-estimate Historically, the economic impacts of sporting events have been overestimated by host countries (Leeds and Von Allmen, 2008; Horrow and Swatek, 2011). For example, the economic impact of the 2002 World Cup fell significantly short of the estimated $31 billion (Leeds and Von Allmen, 2008). While GDP and consumption was affected during the 2011 Rugby World Cup, New Zealand reports that it did not contribute to the New Zealand economy, as measured in the BoP and national accounts (Statistics New Zealand, 2011). The Super Bowl XL publicised an economic impact of $300million on the back of sports tourism exceeding expectations, however figures later released by the Michigan Department of Treasury suggest the actual economic impact was negligible (Horrow and Swatek, 2011). It is thus highly possible that the economic impact for England has been similarly over-estimated. Economic Impact Intention As a general rule, economic impact reports measure total, as opposed to net, activity or income (Saayman and Saayman, 2012), and for this reason may appear overly positive compared to more balanced analyses, such as cost-benefit, where expenditure as well as income is considered. While economic impact is sometimes defined as net benefit (Crompton, 2006 in Saayman and Saayman, 2012), the more widely accepted definition is monetary payments as they move through a regional economy for the purpose of measuring the impact of an event as it relates to that economy (Tyrrrell and Johnston, 2006, p3). While omitting additional costs is technically correct, it can seem misleading in journal articles written for the general public, who may be unaware of these definitions. The article by Menary (2015), for example, presents an unrealistically optimistic view of the financial viability of the Rugby World Cup, as the public is only made aware of gains. Direct economic impacts, such as the $68 million in ticket revenue noted in the report by Arnold and Grice (2015) may return a far lower figure once additional costs such as administration have been taken into account. It is possible that GDP and output will increase by the stated amounts, however for a complete picture, more than the standard economic impact should be considered. Forecasting: Ticket Sales as Incremental Income It is possible that locals would attend the Rugby World Cup in place of tourists, were it not for the influx of football fans (Leeds and Von Allmen, 2008, p233) à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" a possibility that nets out the impact of international spend on tickets to some degree, since the international income is replacing local income à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" not adding to it. Further understanding local activity à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" the propensity to travel and attend local events is therefore vital in understanding the true economic impact of international spending during the Rugby World Cup in 2015. As noted by Saayman and Saayman (2012, p232): in order to increase the economic benefit of the event, expanding both these markets might be worthwhile. Further, one way Arnold and Grice (2015, p8) forecast ticket revenue and consumer interest is by measuring the historic percentage of seats filled during World Cup Events. While these percentages have hovered around 95% for the past two events, it i s not known how many of these tickets were paid for, given away, or scalped. In the 2000 Olympics, for example, questions were raised regarding the distribution of tickets to sponsors and hospitality companies, while in the 2012 Summer Olympics, London began distributing free tickets to fill stadiums during events (Freid et. al., 2013). Predicting public interest is not as simple as measuring seats filled, and it is possible that increased output as a result of tickets sales is overstated. Timeframe: Impact of one-off vs repetitive events A number of impact drivers for the 2015 Rugby World Cup are short-term, which may help explain why the estimated benefits, in particular the induced benefits and assumptions regarding the multiplier effect, may be overstated. While regular, local events use existing infrastructure, require lower levels of investment, and have ongoing effects (Higham in Ritchie and Adair, 2004, p135), it is possible that larger events experience more temporary economic impacts, as the related investment is for a unique, rather than an ongoing, event. In Japan, for example, Saitama currently spends nearly $4 million per year maintaining a stadium built to host the 2002 Rugby World Cup, despite the venue now only drawing around 20,000 spectators for local sporting events (Leeds and Von Allmen, 2008). In the U.S.A., an abundance of abandoned and crumbling sports places exist, many less than 20 years old (Horrow and Swatek, 2011, p3). As noted above under The Tendency to Overestimate, New Zealand exp erienced increased economic activity during the Rugby World Cup in 2011; however the long term impact was not as significant (Statistics New Zealand, 2011). When measuring the economic impact in England, Arnold and Grice (2015, p11) refer to an induced economic impact of further investment on the back of a lasting legacy for the sport. In addition, infrastructure investment is listed as the second most influential direct economic impact. However, given the results in New Zealand, the U.S.A., Japan and Korea, and the nature of large, relatively infrequent sporting events, it is possible these benefits have been overstated, particularly in the long term. Conclusion In conclusion, it is likely the economic impact of the 2015 Rugby World Cup, as outlined by Arnold and Grice (2015), is a good overview. Increased economic activity leads to direct impacts including increased output and GDP driven by higher foreign and corporate investment, such as sports tourism and corporate branding respectively. Indirect impacts include high intermediary activity, including increases in the hospitality industry and spend on food and beverages, while induced benefits are as far reaching as social support driven by higher consumer income and the multiplier effect. While these impacts are positive, it is believed the magnitude of the results have been exaggerated, due to limitations including the tendency of host countries to overestimate the impact of sporting events, and the temporary effects of short-term events à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã¢â‚¬Å" even those as large as the Rugby World Cup. Further, due to the scope of an economic impact statement, many costs have gone unmen tioned, creating a disproportionate impression of gains and optimism. References Aubin, D., 2012, Ernsts revenues rise 6.7 percent on advisory growth, Reuters, Available through Bergson, Z. 2015, Sports and Money: Economic Impact of the Rugby World Cup, National Centre for Business Journalism, Sept 14 2015, Available through Arnold, P. and Grice, M., 2015, The Economic Impact of the Rugby World Cup 2015, Ernst Young, Available through$FILE/EY-rugby-world-cup-final-report.pdf Freid, G., DeSchriver, T. and Mondello, M., 2013, Sports Finance, 3rd Ed., U.S.A.: Human Kinetics Harrow. R, and Swatek, K., 2011, Beyond the Scoreboard, U.S.A.: Human Kinetics Gibbons, T., 2014, English National Identity and Football Fan Culture, Surrey: Ashgate Publishing Ltd. Leeds, M. and Von Allmen, P., 2008, The Economics of Sports, 3rd ed., Boston: Pearson McConnell, C, Brue, S, Flynn, S. and Barbiero, T., 2010, Macroeconomics, 12th ed., Canada: McGraw Hill Ryerson Menary, S. 2015, Rugby to prove lucrative game as World Cup kicks off, The National: Business, Sept 17 2015, Available through Outspan Group Inc, The., 2009, The Economic Impacts of Cultural and Sport Tourism in Canada 2007, Amherst Island: The Outspan Group Inc. Ritchie, B. and Adair D. (eds)., 2004, Sport Tourism: Interrelationships, Impacts and Issues, U.K.: Channel View Publications Saayman, M. and Saayman, A., 2012, The Economic Impact of the Comrades Marathon, International Journal of Event and Festival Management, Vol3 (3), 05 Oct 2012, pp220-235 Statistics New Zealand, 2011, Impact of the Rugby World Cup in New Zealands macro-economic statistics, Statistics New Zealand, Available through Thanapathy, S. 2015, Off the Pitch: The winners and losers of the Rugby World cup, Australian Times: Sport, 25 Sept 2015, Available through Tyrrell, J. and Johnston, R., 2006, The Economic Impact of Tourism, Journal of Travel Research, Vol. 45, Aug 1 2006, Available through Deep Dyve at Wilson, B. 2015, Rugby World Cup a global game changer, says RFUs Ritchie, BBC News: Business, 24 Sept 2015, Available through

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The Romanticism Period By William Cullen Bryant - 880 Words

First of all, the Romanticism Period is all about the ideas of nature, beauty, fantasy, and love, not necessarily having to do with a boy and a girl. As for Realism behind all the weird and beautiful ideas to live happily ever after, the people realized the problems were not fixed with the Civil War. Therefore, the people started to convert into Realism seeing the world focusing on details, facts, and the people. The two periods follow each other because the time the world came to a revolution which the people know till this day. Such as William Cullen Bryant, who was a Romantic writer of â€Å"To a Waterfowl† and believed, creating a natural scene to teach a lesson. â€Å"Thou’rt gone, the abyss of heaven hath swallowed up thy form; yet, on my heart,† (Bryant) which the critics have suggested, â€Å"a more universal image to help in conveying his theme of the poem by blending the scenes from his reflection.†(Philip) Leaving a clear view of something float ing over things and vanishing through the horizon. Other Romantic writer is Edgar Allan Poe, which wrote â€Å"Annabel Lee† a poem about his love one that passed away. He believed that even as children he and his Annabel Lee love for each other was strong that even angels wanted love like it. For example, â€Å"And so, all the nigh-tide, I lie down by the side of my darling, my darling, my life, and my bride. In her sepulcher, a monument there by the sea, in her tomb by the side of the sea.† (Locklear) Is creepy, weird and the most romantic ideaShow MoreRelatedThe Fall Of The House Of Usher1651 Words   |  7 PagesMason Eggers Mrs. Szwajkowski Junior English 200 24 March 2016 Romanticism/Transcendentalism Essay Edgar Allen Poe’s â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher,† Nathaniel Hawthorne’s â€Å"The Minister’s Black Veil,† and William Cullen Bryant’s â€Å"Thanatopsis† illustrate several Romantic and Transcendentalist (and anti-Transcendentalist) traits. All of these authors are regarded as very important and influential Romantic writers. Their works are renowned all across the entire world. â€Å"The Fall of the House of Usher†Read MoreAnalysis Of Rip Van Winkle And The Legend Of Sleepy Hollow By Washington Irving1380 Words   |  6 Pagesrather wide spanning categories, Rationalist or Romantic. Romantics believed in the purity and beauty of nature.[Thesis] Romanticism is a time period that many authors began to emerge in. These authors wrote about their strong feelings, and that nature is more important than city life. [Preview] In the pieces â€Å"Rip Van Winkle† by Washington Irving, â€Å"Thanatopsis† by William Cullen Bryant, and â€Å"The Legend of Sleepy Hollow† by Washington Irving all show strong relations to the traits of Romantic writingRead More romanticism Essay640 Words   |  3 Pages nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;ROMANTICISM nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;nbsp;As a result of the American revolution the literature during the ninghteen century changed to fiction. The Romanticism was a period in which authors left classicism, age of reason, in the old world and started to offered imagination, emotions and a new literature that toward nature, humanity and society to espouse freedom and individualism. The main characteristics or Romanticism movements are: an emphasis on imagination asRead MoreWilliam Cullen Bryant And The Devil And Tom Walker811 Words   |  4 PagesAmerican Romanticism The romantic period,1735 to 1830, for writers is a dark and confusing time, it is a time when dark things are made to seem better than they are. Many great literary works come from this period, but at the price of confusing the population. People believe that â€Å"emotions and relationships were not just important, but were the very currency of life.† Three romantic era pieces stand out, The Pit and The Pendulum by Edgar Allen Poe, Thanatopsis by William Cullen Bryant and TheRead MoreA Comforting View of Death in William Cullen Bryant’s Thanatopsis640 Words   |  3 PagesChuck Palahniuk once said, â€Å"The first step to eternal life, is you have to die.† In William Cullen Bryant’s poem â€Å"Thanatopsis†, he does not mention eternal life or anything religious, but speaks about death. He tells his readers that death is a natural thing and they should not worry about it. William Cullen Bryant, in his poem â€Å"Thanatopsis†, portrays a comforting view of death. Throughout the poem, Bryant encourages his readers by explaining that in death they are not alone, that death, like lifeRead MoreJohn Smith And Walt Whitman Essay1248 Words   |  5 Pages Nature writing is a genre that encompasses a range of works and writers throughout many time periods. This genre is based on the study of nature and frequently discusses the interrelationships between humans, nature, and god. In the nearly 300 year span between the writings of John Smith and Walt Whitman, nature writing had evolved. During the colonialist era, as evidenced by John Smith, nature was seen as given to us by god to be utilized in its full capacity, for resources to survive and profitRead MoreThe Fireside Poets Were Popular At A Time When The United States1382 Words   |  6 Pageswere one of the first groups to take their views to a more real-world level, in founding magazines such as the Atlantic Monthly (John Greenleaf Whittier), supporting public projec ts such as Central Park and the Metropolitan Museum of Art (William Cullen Bryant), and even founding a political party and running for Congress (John Greenleaf Whittier). The lead-up to the Civil War was also weighing on the minds of many, which prompted Henry Wadsworth Longfellow to write â€Å"Paul Revere’s Ride†, an encouragementRead MoreEarly American Literature Influenced by Religious Ideologies and Philosophies1769 Words   |  8 PagesLiterature, Puritan writers were prevalent which grew into the Age of Reason by way of scientists and philosophers, which eventually emerged into Romanticism and the Renaissance writers, which developed into Realism by the middle of 19th century. Throughout American Literature, religious ideologies and philosophies influenced the way that writers portrayed the time period, characters, feelings, and God. Through Puritan writers, literature is influenced by religious ideologies and philosophies. Puritans writersRead MoreBrief Survey of American Literature3339 Words   |  14 PagesSettlers’ Writings Highly religious and pragmatic - John Smith, founder of Jamestown, Virginia; Pocahontas - John Winthrop, â€Å"A Model of Christian Charity†: â€Å"†¦ We shall be as a city upon a hill. The eyes of all people are upon us†¦Ã¢â‚¬  - William Bradford, Of Plymouth Plantation (1630-50, pub. 1856) - Anne Bradstreet (1612-1672), The Tenth Muse (1650), the first volume of poems published by a resident of the New World - Edward Taylor (1642- 1729), Preparatory Meditations (1682-1725Read MoreAntebellum Period And American History1548 Words   |  7 PagesAntebellum Period, Art The Antebellum period is generally spoken of as the years arranging from the acquisition of the Constitution, all the way to the American Civil War. This is a period in American history that is remarkable for its incredible magnitude of changes in the country’s history; industrial revolution, westward expansion, women’s history, and transportation revolution to name a few. Leaving aside all the rebellions, treaty’s, and massacres. The pages to follow will mainly focus on the

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Health Policy In Salford Manchester Health And Social Care Essay Free Essays

There are many research methods from which to take for a typical research methodological analysis. In the research methodological analysis there is the undermentioned general treatment on the conducting of the research and some apprehension of type basic construct of the qualitative and quantitative methods. There are many research methods from which to take from. We will write a custom essay sample on Health Policy In Salford Manchester Health And Social Care Essay or any similar topic only for you Order Now Research methods are the technique of probe used to carry on a survey. They include the usage of questionnaires, interviews, participant observation or field work with the community being studied together with the reading of official statistics and historical paperss and other techniques non so widely used. By and large there are three chief methodological analysiss. Qualitative methods Van Maanen ( 1983 ) defines qualitative methods as â€Å" an array of interpretative technique which seek to depict, decode, and translate and other wise come to term with the significance, non the frequence, of certain more or less of course happening phenomena in the natural universe. † Quantitative Methods Easterby-smith et Al ( 1995 ) described four chief ways of assemblage of quantitative informations: Interviews Questionnaires Tests/Measure Observation While they stress that the differences between quantitative and qualitative techniques is non ever clear. Quantitative methodological analysiss have an accent on the importance of establishing research upon protocol and technique. In this piece of research the writer will trust on quantitative methodological analysis in the signifier of secondary informations through assorted beginnings of database. These databases will include nose count informations to execute the analysis and happen out the consequences. The instance study country: Salford, Greater Manchester Manchester ‘s â€Å" twin metropolis † , Salford, adjoins it across the River Irwell and portions much of its history. The wider Greater Manchester part is made up of 10 metropolitan local governments: Bolton Bury Manchester ( City of ) Oldham Rochdale Salford ( City of ) Stockport Tameside Trafford Wigan The metropolitan authorization known as the ‘City of Salford ‘ comprises 20 wards and has a population of 216,000. In this survey GIS application will be used along with spacial analysis and statistical techniques to look into the world of fuel poorness in this country. This issue is of import in policy footings because it seems likely to be a major job for public wellness – and hence for the economic system – because of the increasing proportion of aged people in the population. Fuel poorness is worst among the oldest members of society, peculiarly those in disadvantaged countries such as Salford. Areas like some parts of Salford besides have a higher than mean concentration of aged people because younger people tend to go forth the country to seek employment and preparation chances elsewhere. The Health, Housing and Fuel Poverty Forum ( Mawle, 2008 ) , funded by cardinal authorities ( Defra ) is the type of policy enterprise which is conformable to being informed by sound GIS and spacial analysis work: â€Å" The focal point of this undertaking is to supply a tried, long-run and to the full sustainable attack to significantly cut downing, and finally extinguishing wellness inequalities across the state caused or exaggerated by hapless lodging and fuel poorness. † ( Mawle, 2008 ) The survey used GIS, spacial analysis and statistical techniques to look into the world of fuel poorness in this country. This issue is of import in policy footings because it seems likely to be a major job for public wellness – and hence for the economic system – because of the increasing proportion of aged people in the population. Fuel poorness is worst among the oldest members of society, peculiarly those in disadvantaged countries such as Salford. Areas like some parts of Salford besides have a higher than mean concentration of aged people because younger people tend to go forth the country to seek employment and preparation chances elsewhere. The vulnerable aged on low incomes form the bulk of those in fuel poorness nationwide. The issue will hence be an increasing job for national and local policymakers due to the aging population and therefore more elaborate research is required. Larger Numberss of aged people are now populating longer and because of other factors ( e.g. the cost of long-run attention and the basic desire to stay ‘at place ‘ ) are frequently remaining in their ain places for every bit long as possible. Harmonizing to the UK Public Health Association ( UKPHA, 2008 ) , an extra 40,000 deceases each twelvemonth nationally can be attributed to fuel poorness. Methods Data and methods The 2001 nose count of population was used in the analysis as a chief beginning of informations. The information on socio-economic conditions in Salford was gathered along with the maps of the country utilizing a assortment of resources. Specifically, informations on wellness, lodging, household constellation and other conditions in Salford ‘s wards were obtained from the 2001 Census via NOMIS or CASWEB. Maps were obtained from Ordnance Survey and other beginnings. Census informations In the nose count, ‘health ‘ was chiefly covered by two inquiries. First, responses confirm whether a individual considers themselves to be in ( a ) ‘good wellness ‘ , ( B ) ‘fairly good ‘ wellness or ( degree Celsiuss ) non in good wellness. Second, informations will be the available on whether respondents suffer from ‘limiting long-run conditions ‘ . Some other variables will be envisaged may impact people ‘s wellness in this part. These will be: whether lodging adjustment provided, or did non supply, cardinal warming ; whether people lived as portion of a twosome or lived entirely ; and whether people will be economically active or inactive ( i.e non in work, instruction or preparation ) . Consequences and Analysis Datas processing: Function Health is affected by a assortment of life style and environmental factors, including where people live, features of these locations ( including societal and environmental exposure ) . Health by and large has a spacial dimension – the wellness of the population varies harmonizing to where people live. So scientists and research workers have begun to utilize GIS package to research the potency of maps for understanding the spacial kineticss of wellness and the socioeconomic, environmental and other factors impacting which affect people ‘s wellness ( see for illustration Loslier, 2008, Gao et al 2008, Susi and Mascarenhas, 2002 ) . The tabular array of property informations was joined to the Greater Manchester map to bring forth set of maps demoing wellness inequalities across the part. Other maps were created to picture the distribution of factors impacting wellness. The Greater Manchester maps demo that the Manchester and Salford countries have the lowest figure of healthy people in the part ( see fig. 2 ) . From a simple ocular reading of the maps identified the countries with the worst wellness. This present more probe on this country below. Salford is one of the countries with the worst wellness in the Greater Manchester part. Health and other socioeconomic factors across Greater Manchester local governments Maps These were obtained from EDINA Ordnance Survey for both the Greater Manchester country as a whole and Salford ‘s component wards. The first portion of the Maps will demo the lodging and wellness determiners such as cardinal warming, people in good wellness and economic activity of Greater Manchester. While the 2nd portion of the maps will concentrate on Salford. First Part: Function Housing and Health Determinants of Greater Manchester Second Part: Maping Housing and Health Determinants of Salford Making wellness maps for Salford involved a similar procedure to that used for constructing the Greater Manchester maps. The new tabular array of properties from the NOMIS web site was prepared and saved as a dbf file and joined to the Salford boundary map. The maps were produced based on the variables identified earlier incorporating informations necessary for constructing a image of wellness in Salford. Making wellness maps for Salford involved a similar procedure to that used for constructing the Greater Manchester maps. The new tabular array of properties from the CASWEB web site was prepared and joined to the Salford boundary map. The maps were produced based on the variables identified earlier incorporating informations necessary for constructing a image of wellness in Salford ( as shown in fig. ) . Eight maps were produced to picture the countries that have the highest figure of healthy and unhealthy people ( utilizing our two indexs of wellness ) , with the other maps demoing the chief factors impacting wellness in the borough. From the maps it can be seen that the highest per centum of healthy people is located in Worsley and Boothstown ward, while the highest per centum of unhealthy people live in Langworthy and the surrounding wards. These wards are the nearest to the metropolis Centre ( cardinal Manchester – the focal urban Centre for Salford and the Greater Manchester part as a whole ) .The other maps illustrate the factors which affect wellness in Salford. The maps of adjustment with and without cardinal warming show that the highest per centum of houses with cardinal warming is located in Worsley and Boothstown, Walkden, Little Hulton and Irlam ward. This is where the healthiest people live. The lowest per centum of places with cardinal warming was found in Langworthy – where the people with last degrees of wellness ( measured by our two indexs ) live. This is evidently a simplification of the subject, but it helps us construct up a image of fuel poorness in Salford. The maps of people populating entirely or in twosomes show that the highest per centum of twosomes is once more in Worsley and Boothstown ward, whereas the highest proportions of people populating entirely be given to be located in the wards near Manchester metropolis Centre. Furthermore, the same image can be seen in the maps of economically active and inactive people, with the highest per centum of economically active people shacking in Worsley and Boothstown ward. Long-run unwellness The 3rd set of maps in this undertaking compares long-run unwellness in Salford with the same factors identified earlier ( fig. ) . The maps show a strong relationship between degrees of long-run unwellness and places without cardinal warming. The highest Numberss of people with no long-run unwellness ( what we might hence specify as the healthiest people measured on these footings ) were found in Worsley and Boothstown ward. This ward has the most belongingss with cardinal warming, and the bulk of its occupants are economically active and unrecorded in twosomes. Preliminary decisions From all the maps above we can reason that wellness may be affected by a assortment of factors. These factors include ( I ) environmental issues like air pollution, ( two ) societal factors such as populating entirely or in a couple/with a household, and ( three ) economic factors such as being in employment ( and the wealth derived functions this connotes ) , and the sort of lodging adjustment people can afford to populate in. Statistical analysis of the consequences The information will be analyzed utilizing SPSS package, so utilizing arrested development statistics to find whether there is significance. The information will be modeled the extent to which wellness is affected by variables such as cardinal warming, being economically active, populating in a twosome and so on. Map studies can be used to turn to the out semen from the analysis of the geographical informations. Arrested development analysis: In the undermentioned subdivision there will be an analysis of consequences through arrested development analysis by utilizing multiple variables. In SPSS a simple method â€Å" Analyze. Regression. LinearaˆÂ ¦.. † in each instance will be followed. There will be the choice of different standard ( dependent ) and the forecaster ( independent ) variables and will used the multiple arrested development theoretical account four times. Multiple arrested development analysis ( MRA ) is a utile method for bring forthing mathematical theoretical accounts where there are several ( more than two ) variables involved. Multiple Regression analysis: the multivariate arrested development was used for at least four times to analyse the relationship between assorted variable of lodging and wellness inequalities. Peoples in good wellness and unstanderised predicted variables. The multiple arrested developments will utilize tally of people in good wellness as a dependant variable and assorted other in dependent factors as in a variable entered tabular array. In the Standard Residual subdivision of the casewise diagnostic tabular array above, instance Numberss 33 is negative. This could be explained by a figure of factors – for illustration, possibly it is due to a higher than usual proportion of aged people in the local population. The 2001 nose count informations for Salford shows that 8 % of the populations are in the 65-74 twelvemonth age class, with the mean age for Salford being 38 old ages of age. Salford as a whole is sing a population diminution of 6 % with an progressively aging population. The 2001 nose count informations besides demonstrates this point, with 9.53 % of the population being economically inactive due to being for good ill or handicapped. This is higher than the national norm of 5.3 % within England and Wales. An ageing population, combined with people with sick wellness and low incomes will hold an impact upon future services and wellness in Salford ( Salford City Council, 2008 ) . From Graph 1 it can be seen that there is a positive linear relationship between people in good wellness and unstandardized predicted value of the independent variable. It is a positive relationship with a statistical tantrum. Second Multivariate Regression Analysis: The 2nd multiple arrested development analysis was carried out between % of people in good wellness and other variable factors such as being economically active, holding cardinal warming, populating in a twosome. In this arrested development model the relationships between one dependant variable with multiple independent variables has been analyzed. This is how multiple arrested developments are largely used for multivariate analysis ( Bryamn and Caremer, 2005 ) . This gives the ability of multivariate arrested development to analyse the relationships between one dependant variable and multiple independent variables. An advantage of multivariate arrested development is that weak variables with small statistical significance can be dropped from the theoretical account to do the staying variables important. But in the undermentioned instance no variables were dropped in order to understand different variables ‘ consequence on wellness. From the above tabular array Model Summary there is the analysis of assorted factors such as R is a step of the correlativity between the ascertained value and the predicted value of the standard variable. In the illustration this would be the correlativity between the per centum of people in good wellness and the degrees predicted by the forecaster variables. R Square ( R2 ) is the square of this step of correlativity and indicates the proportion of the discrepancy in the standard variable. In kernel this is a step of how good a anticipation of the standard variable we can do by cognizing the forecaster variables. The value R2 is a fraction between 0.0 and 1.0, and has no units. An R2 value of 0.0 agencies that X does non assist you predict Y. There is no additive relationship between X and Y, and the best-fit line is a horizontal line traveling through the mean of all Y values. A When R2 equals 1.0, all points lie precisely on a consecutive line with no spread. Knowing Ten Lashkar-e-Taibas you predict Y absolutely. From the above consequences the R2 is.659 which indicates a 65 % tantrum in the theoretical account. Adjusted R Square value is calculated which takes into history the figure of variables in the theoretical account and the figure of observations ( participants ) our theoretical account is based on. This means that 65 % of the variableness of dependent variable is explained by the variableness of the dependent variables. This tabular array is of import. The Adjusted R Square value tells us that our theoretical account histories for 64.9 % of discrepancy in the good wellness. 35.1 % of the discrepancy Idaho due to the random mistake. B. Dependent Variable: % Good or Reasonably Good Health The ANOVA portion of the end product tells us whether the arrested development equation is explicating a statistically important part of the variableness in the dependant variable from variableness in the independent variables. A P value is a step of grounds. The smaller the value of P, the greater the grounds against a simpler theoretical account than one of the possible involvement. The usage of P 0.05 as a cut-off is a convention which has an historic footing instead than a scientific, mathematical or philosophical footing. Horgan ( 2001 ) described that a p-value provides a step of whether an independent variable is associated with the dependant variable. A little p-value implies that it is. In this study we have said that an independent variable is significantly associated with the dependant variable if its p-value is less than 5 % ( i.e. P lt ; 0.05 ) . These can be interpreted as significance that there is a 95 % opportunity that the given interval will incorporate the true p arametric quantity of involvement. This tabular array reports an ANOVA, which assesses the overall significance of our theoretical account. As P lt ; 0.05 the theoretical account is important. This theoretical account is utile. In the end product from this arrested development analysis, as with the simple arrested development, sing the p-value of the F-test to see if the overall theoretical account is important. With a p-value of nothing to three denary topographic points, the theoretical account is statistically important. From the above tabular array it can be concluded that, % economically active, % cardinal warming and % of married are statistically non-significant as the T values and ( T gt ; 2 or t lt ; -2 ) and Sig. ( Sig. lt ; 0.05 ) are harmonizing to the statistical significance relationship. The Standardized Beta Coefficients give a step of the part of each variable to the theoretical account. A big value indicates that a unit alteration in this forecaster variable has a big consequence on the standard variable. The T and Sig. ( P ) values give a unsmooth indicant of the impact of each forecaster variable – a large absolute T value and little P value suggests that a forecaster variable is holding a big impact on the predicted variables. Scatter secret plan A spread secret plan allows ocular appraisal of the relationship between the response and forecaster variable. In the in writing class individual independent variables those have an affect on the wellness has been taken in order to analyse the relationship with dependent variable. In graph No.3 above a consecutive line comfortably tantrums through the informations ; hence a additive relationship exists. The spread above the line is rather high, so there is a strong additive relationship. Hence the graph indicates a strong relationship as people who are economically active are in good wellness. However, the Scatter Plot and Line of Best Fit do non state us the values of a and B ; nor do they state us if B is zero ( or near adequate to be taken as nothing ) . It surely seems that there is a positive relationship between people in good wellness and people who are economically active. The 2001 nose count showed that 39.33 % of Salford ‘s population is economically active, compared with an norm of 40.55 % within England and Wales. 13.53 % is economically inactive due to retirement, compared with the England and Wales norm of 13.54 % ( Salford City Council, 2008 ) . From the above consequences the R2 is 0.564 which indicates a 56 % tantrum in the theoretical account. The Adjusted R Square value tells us that the theoretical account histories for 55 % of discrepancy in a modification long term unwellness. In this instance, the adjusted R-squared indicates that approximately 56 % of the variableness of restricting long term unwellness is accounted for by the theoretical account. 44 % is due to random mistake. For farther analysis of the relationships of different independent variables, the T-ratio statistics is analyzed coefficient tabular array. From the above theoretical account sum-up tabular array The R-squared is 1.000, intending that about 100 % of the variableness of good wellness is accounted for by the variables in the theoretical account. In this instance, the adjusted R-squared indicates that approximately 100 % of the variableness of wellness is accounted for by the theoretical account. 0 % if the discrepancy is due to random mistake. R squared is a statistical step of how good a arrested development line approximates existent informations points. R squared is a descriptive step between nothing and one, bespeaking how good one term is at foretelling another. From the theoretical account summary the R squared value is equal to one as besides the adjusted R square, the greater the ability of that theoretical account to foretell a tendency. The more variableness of the dependant variable is being explained by the variableness of the independent variables. A value of R squared equal to one, indicates that the theoreti cal account provides perfect anticipations ( Middleton, 2006 ) . The end product from the ANOVA tabular array, as with the simple arrested development, we look to the p-value of the F-test to see if the overall theoretical account is important. With a p-value of nothing to three denary topographic points, the theoretical account is statistically important. Further analysis of the relationship between heath and other independent variables, the T-ratio statistics has been carried out in the tabular array below. The above graph No.10 indicates a negative relationship as most of the people who are economically inactive tend to be in good wellness. This graph is opposed to chart No. 3 which is for economically active. There are high degrees of unemployed families, in peculiar those in the â€Å" ne’er worked † and â€Å" long term unemployed † classs and high per centums of people in reception of a means-tested benefit. The 2001 nose count besides reports that 3.81 % of the population is economically inactive due to unemployment with 10.25 % holding ne’er worked and 28.29 % classed as long-run unemployed. 5.89 % are economically inactive due to looking after household or the place ( Salford City Council, 2008 ) . The paper examined through function and statistical analysis the relationship between lodging determiner and wellness. There are some lodging factors such as employment, lodging term of office and matrimonial position and their impact on wellness. It can be concluded from the determination that there is positive and negative relationship between wellness and lodging determiner such as economically active and inactive, married twosome and populating entirely. The relationship between hapless lodging and ailment wellness has been understood for centuries. This relationship has been illustrated by a figure of different researches clip by clip such as Lowry 1991, Friedman 2010 on lodging and wellness. Farrand said that â€Å" Action is besides required so as to cut down the inauspicious effects on kids and their instruction from unequal lodging † . In recent old ages policies such as wellness and sustainable development are progressively being inter-linked to those policies that m ight hold an affect on environmental wellness and lodging. Theses attacks has based on the rule of sustainable development. Infect sustainable development attacks in lodging development could better people wellness and cut down fuel poorness but utilizing less and in ore efficient the resources available to them. In position of the fact that the Census is carried at 10 twelvemonth intervals and the same information has been used in the current research which is 10 old ages old while the new will be available in 2011. 2001 Census information is of historic involvement and nevertheless it provides really utile baseline information on even on little countries of the metropolis. The Census contains valuable information on such as family composings, population, wellness and economic activities. From the function of Greater Manchester it can be concluded that ( see Fig. 1-9 ) Salford metropolis has the lowest scope of people in good wellness 87-88 % except Manchester and Wigan. Besides th e per centum of people non in good in good wellness is in Salford 11-12 % ( Census 2001 ) . the statistically analysis of the 2001 Census information shows overall a significance of P value lt ; 0.05 which means that there is a significance relationship between the dependant and predicted independent variables. Although the information is 10 old ages old but it is a nationally recognized and trusted informations. There may be a batch of betterments in the last 10 old ages but due to the fact that there is no secondary informations handiness it could be really hard to estimations informations based on assorted socioeconomic factors. From spread secret plan diagram of assorted dependent and independent variables it can be concluded that there is strong positive and negative linear relationship except with cardinal heating where there is a weak positive and negative additive relationship. Through the tabular array 1 and 2 in the appendices shows clear that people non in good wellness are among the lowest in Greater Manchester part followed by North West County and in England. Although the cardinal warming has no or really small relationship with people in wellness but there are other factors such as economic position, matrimonial relationship and term of office. Recommendation: Every local authorization has a responsibility in this instance Salford metropolis council to see the lodging status and its impact on wellness on an one-year footing under the Housing Act 1985. The local authorization should put their ain marks and strategic standards which must fulfill the home is fit for the people. If the local authorization see a home fails to carry through the basic standards and non suited for populating so the local authorization has the responsibility to take necessary action to cover with the belongings to halt further spreading of lodging related wellness jobs. It is of import that policies related to wellness policies should besides reflect lodging conditions and the ways to better both lodging and wellness conditions. It is the understood that hapless lodging non affects merely physiologically but besides on an single overall wellness conditions. Sustainable solutions should be imposed on in order to better lodging in general while heating and insularity in peculiar. farther research is needed to measure the complexness oh lodging and wellness indexs and find ways in which fuel poorness can be cut down or eradicated. How to cite Health Policy In Salford Manchester Health And Social Care Essay, Essay examples

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Rustico and Alibech by Giovanni Boccaccio free essay sample

Rustico and Alibech by Giovanni Boccaccio Giovanni Boccaccio The exact details of his birth are uncertain. A number of sources state that he was born in  Paris, but others denounce this as romanticism by the earliest biographers. In this case his birthplace was possibly in  Tuscany, perhaps in  Certaldo, the town of his father. He was the son of a  Florentine  merchant and an unknown woman, and almost certainly born illegitimate. Boccaccio grew up in Florence. His father was working for the  Compagnia dei Bardi  and in the 1320s married Margherita dei Mardoli, of an illustrious family. It is believed Boccaccio was tutored by Giovanni Mazzuoli and received from him an early introduction to the works of  Dante. In 1326 Boccaccio moved to  Naples  with the family when his father was appointed to head the Neapolitan branch of his bank. Boccaccio was apprenticed to the bank, but it was a trade for which he had no affinity. We will write a custom essay sample on Rustico and Alibech by Giovanni Boccaccio or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page He eventually persuaded his father to let him study law at the  Studium  in the city. For the next six years Boccaccio studied  canon law there. From there he pursued his interest in scientific and literary studies. His father introduced him to the Neapolitan nobility and the French-influenced court of  Robert the Wise  in the 1330s. At this time he fell in love with a married daughter of King Robert of Naples (known as  Robert the Wise) and she is immortalized as the character  Fiammetta  in many of Boccaccios prose romances, particularly  Il Filocolo  (1338). Boccaccio never married, but had three children. Mario and Giulio were born in the 1330s. In the 1340s, Violente was born in Ravenna, where Boccaccio was a guest of  Ostasio I da Polenta  from about 1345 through 1346. The Italian writer Giovanni Boccaccio lived through the plague as it ravaged the city of Florence in 1348. The experience inspired him to write The Decameron, a story of seven men and three women who escape the disease by fleeing to a villa outside the city. In his introduction to the fictional portion of his book, Boccaccio gives a graphic description of the effects of the epidemic on his city. Tenth tale (III, 10) Alibech turns hermit, and is taught by Rustico, a monk, how the Devil is put in hell. She is afterwards conveyed thence, and becomes the wife of Neerbale. Dioneo narrates what is by far the most obscene and bawdy tale in the  Decameron. Alibech, a naive young woman, wanders into the dessert in an attempt to become closer to God. She happens upon the monk Rustico, and he deflowers her under the pretence of teaching her how to better please God. Alibech becomes more enthusiastic about  putting the Devil back into Hell than Rustico, almost to the point of his ruin. Meanwhile, her family and family home are incinerated, leaving her the only heir. Neerbale kidnaps her, much to Rusticos relief and Alibechs displeasure, and Alibech is made to marry Neerbale. The night before the wedding, she is questioned by other women as to how Alibech served God in the forest, and upon explaining to her ladies how the Devil is put back into Hell, is informed that Neerbale will surely know how to help her serve God once more. Insight and Message Being a person like Alibech who is a simple minded woman and wants to serve God, Rustico a person who is a deceitful man take advantage to Alibech. Or is simpler way, this is like a person who is taking advantage to the person who are weak and has lack of knowledge and ideas in everything.

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The Lost Room, and other ghost stories Review Essay Example

The Lost Room, and other ghost stories Review Paper Essay on The Lost Room, and other ghost stories For the purchase of books I pushed pretty good you know and love me Dickens surname Le Fanu, and Jerome. But paid off only two authors, and then one to this day I do not know, Jerome K. Jerome and his Junket with ghosts and John Kendrick Bangz with its Leprosy Theosophists. It is noteworthy that of all the stories of ghosts, I especially liked the stories are written in a humorous style not terrible, but too funny. Indeed, these humorous adventures of the hero with the ghosts of the authors failed to fame funny (sometimes laughed to tears, sometimes abdominal pain), perky, are good waves and does not leave me indifferent. It is to these stories I would like to return once again, enjoying and language authors and their style, and dialogue and story -. I want to once again relive exciting moments with the protagonists The rest of the stories seemed to me in any way neither terrible, no gay or sad. Found in a collection of stories and stronger and weaker, but on the whole almost everything good after all English literature of the XIX century it is difficult to be ranked as poor. Frankly, I have been and full of disappointment: it happened with The Lost Room and the OBriens East Window Swain these stories seemed to me absolutely nothing in his head except some confusion nothing more from them and left . in general, the stories in the tradition of Gothic have some uniqueness to me, because, I re-read stories, neponravivshiesya me this the other day, in a different mood my attitude towards them could easily change for the better . And indeed the history of the Haunted make me a reverential admiration, which is impossible to describe in a few words. Im just going back to my childhood, when, meeting with friends, we turned off the lights, light candles, wrap in blankets and telling scary stories. We will write a custom essay sample on The Lost Room, and other ghost stories Review specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on The Lost Room, and other ghost stories Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on The Lost Room, and other ghost stories Review specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer So if you are a lover of English literature (though there is also the stories, written by the Americans), if youre a fan of horror stories about ghosts (though not all of them, and terrible), and if you do not mind not very high-quality edition with cardboard cover (personally my book fell apart in the first day of readings, although the books treat with due accuracy), then go ahead and purchase of books and enjoy its content. After all, everyone has different tastes, and maybe youll like what I have, unfortunately, is not impressed.

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Scientists Complete the Periodic Table

Scientists Complete the Periodic Table   The periodic table as we know it is now complete! The International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry (IUPAC) has announced verification of the only elements left elements 113, 115, 117, and 118. These elements complete the 7th and final row of the periodic table of elements. Of course, if elements with higher atomic numbers are discovered, then an additional row will be added to the table. Details on the Discoveries of the Last Four Elements The fourth IUPAC/IUPAP Joint Working Party (JWP) reviewed literature to determine claims for verification of these last few elements have fulfilled all the criteria necessary to officially discover the elements. What this means is the discovery of the elements has been replicated and demonstrated to the satisfaction of scientists according to the 1991 discovery criteria decided by the IUPAP/IUPAC Transfermium Working Group (TWG). The discoveries are credited to Japan, Russia, and the USA. These groups will be allowed to propose the names and symbols for the elements, which will need to be approved before the elements take their place on the periodic table. Element 113 Discovery Element 113 has the temporary working name ununtrium, with symbol Uut. The RIKEN team in Japan has been credited with discovering this element. Many people hope Japan will choose a name like japonium for this element, with symbol J or Jp, since J is the one letter presently absent from the periodic table. Elements 115, 117, and 118 Discovery Elements 115 (ununpentium, Uup) and 117 (ununseptium, Uus) were discovered by a collaboration between Oak Ridge National Laboratory in Oak Ridge, TN, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California, and the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia. Researchers from these groups will propose new names and symbols for these elements. Element 118 (ununoctium, Uuo) discovery is credited  to a collaboration between the Joint Institute for Nuclear Research in Dubna, Russia and Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory in California. This group has discovered several elements, so theyre sure to have a challenge ahead of them coming up with new names and symbols. Why Its So Hard To Discover New Elements While scientists may be able to make new elements, its difficult to prove the discovery because these superheavy nuclei decay into lighter elements instantaneously. Proof of the elements requires demonstration that the set of daughter nuclei that are observed can be unequivocally attributed to the heavy, new element. It would be much simpler if it was possible to directly detect and measure the new element, but this hasnt been possible. How Long Until We See New Names? Once the researchers propose new names, the Inorganic Chemistry Division of the IUPAC will check them to make sure they dont translate into something funky in other language or have some prior historic use that would make them unsuitable for an element name. A new element may be named for a place, country, scientist, property, or mythological reference. The symbol needs to be one or two letters. After the Inorganic Chemistry Division checks the elements and symbols, they are presented for public review for five months. Most people start using the new element names and symbols at this point, but they dont become official until the IUPAC Council formally approves them. At this point, the IUPAC will change their periodic table (and others will follow suit).

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E-business systems Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 words

E-business systems - Essay Example One of the most important features of the e-sales and purchase process system is the database of customers whose personal information is used to create appropriate market strategies to increase the clientele. The firms are increasing using the information to analyze customers’ psychology through the evaluation and analysis of customer database which helps one to know the changing preferences of the customers in the rapidly changing times. Analysis and identification of the changing trends of the customer requirements are important ingredients to gain leverage against their rivals. Of all the technological marvels, internet has emerged as one of the most popular medium of communication with its wide range of applications in the ever expanding and highly competitive business environment. â€Å"The Internet with its low-cost entry and ease of use quickly changed how information was exchanged and removed the distance barriers for business partners. The idea of trading on the Internet has generated great interest especially among the smallest companies, formerly excluded from EDI1 usage (Gottardi et al. 2004). It has redefined the business dynamics with its far reaching implications and has become one of the most important parts of any business strategy. Since customers are key to the success of all businesses, Sales Order Processing System and Customer relationship management have emerged as the most power tools to sustain and develop committed clientele across the globe. The essay would focus on the internet based Sales Order Processing System and would analyze the various perspectives that have significant impact on the business. Sales and purchase of items are part and parcel of daily life and efficient processing of the same is vital for good customer relationship and business growth. ‘Sales order captures demands for the firms’ product and services’ (Scott, 2004). The computerized sales and purchase facilitates creation of database of customers and